Net Name Location Frequency


Alabama Day Net State-Wide 3.965 10:00am Daily
Alabama Traffic Net Mike State-Wide 3.965 6:30pm Daily
Alabama Traffic Net Mike State-Wide 3.965 8:00am Sundays
Alabama Section CW Net State-Wide 3.575 7:00pm Daily
North East Alabama Six Meter NET State-Wide 50.150 9:00pm Week Nights
Alabama Baptist Emergency Net State-Wide 7.260 2:00pm Sundays
Alabama ARES Digital NET State-Wide 7.110 Primary 2:30pm Sundays
Alabama ARES Emergency Net State-Wide 3.965 or7.243 3:00pm Sundays
Alabama ARES D-STAR Net State-Wide Alabama D-Star Repeater System 058B 3:30pm Sundays

Alabama Emergency Response Team


Central AL 146.880 PL 88.5 7:00pm Sundays

Central Alabama Simplex Net

State-Wide + 146.580 Simplex from Birmingham 7:45pm Sundays

Alabama D-Star Net

State-Wide + Alabama D-Star Repeater System 058B 8:30pm Tuesdays

West Alabama ARC Net

Lamar County KC4UG - 145.430 - PL 110.9 8:30pm Wednesdays

Walker County ARES Net

Walker County W4WCA - 147.390 - PL 110.9 8:00pm Thursdays

Fayette County ARC Net

Fayette County

W4GLE - 147.200 and 444.400 PL 110.9

8:30pm Thursdays


Here is a list of local Amateur Radio Repeaters in Fayette County and the Surrounding Area

The Fayette County ARC Weekly Training Nets are held Every Thursday at 8:30pm Local Time on the W4GLE Repeater of 147.200 which is usually Linked to the W4GLE Repeater, 444.400.

The West Alabama ARC holds a Weekly Training Net at 8:30 pm every Wednesday on the KC4UG Repeater, 145.430


Call Sign Mode Freq Offset PL Tone City / County
W4GLE Analog 147.200 Neg 110.9 Fayette / Fayette
W4GLE Analog 444.400 Pos 110.9 Ashcraft Corner / Pickens
N4GRX Analog 444.850 Pos N/A Fayette / Fayette
KK4QXJ D-Star 145.400 Neg N/A Fayette / Fayette
W4GLE - ID# 310110 DMR 443.075 Pos N/A Fayette / Fayette
KC4UG Analog 145.430 Neg 110.9 Vernon / Lamar
KC4UG - System Fusion Analog 444.250 Pos 110.9 Vernon / Lamar
KC4UG D-Star 145.120 Neg N/A Vernon / Lamar
KC4UG D-Star 444.500 Pos N/A Vernon / Lamar
KJ4I Analog 147.020 Pos 123.0 Hamilton / Marion
KT4JW Analog 147.040 Pos 192.8 Winfield / Marion
WR4Y Analog 146.640 Neg 123.0 Jasper / Walker
W4WCA Analog 147.390 Pos 110.9 Jasper / Walker
N4MYI - ID# 310111 DMR 443.925 Pos N/A Jasper / Walker
W4XI Analog 146.825 Neg 118.8 Tuscaloosa / Tuscaloosa
W4WYN Analog 147.300 Pos 131.8 Tuscaloosa / Tuscaloosa
WS4I Analog 146.925 Neg 131.8 Tuscaloosa / Tuscaloosa
KX4I Analog 145.350 Neg 91.5 Tuscaloosa / Tuscaloosa
KD9Q - ID# 310102 DMR 444.900 Pos N/A Tuscaloosa / Tuscaloosa


The Fayette County Amateur Radio Club is a club comprised of licensed amateur radio operators and people that are interested in amateur radio, their community, and people that want to be prepared when disaster strikes their community or home.

What is a licensed amateur radio operator?

Amateur Radio operators come from all walks of life -- doctors, students, kids, politicians, truck drivers, movie stars, missionaries and even your average neighbor next door. They are of all ages, sexes, income levels and nationalities. Whether through Morse Code on an old brass telegraph key, voice communication on a hand-held radio or computerized messages transmitted via satellite, all hams use radio to reach out to the world.

How do get involved?

To get involved locally, simply attend one of our meetings. The meetings are held once a month at the Fayette County Emergency Operations Center 118 1st Ave NE in Fayette, in the same building as Fayette County Emergency Management, Fayette Police, Fayette Fire, and Fayette County 911.